Access table still updating Istanbul chati seex

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Note - I know this segue is a bit of a stretch - but it's a great story isn't it?

The simplest query is one that comes from a single table, and it will, by default, update data in the database when data is changed from the query.

This many-to-many table holds the assignment of campers to cabins.

This data in these tables are also updatable from a query but why?

When this straightforward query runs, changes made to data through the query interface are automatically made in the data table.

Another type of query, which links the cabin table to the camper table, will also automatically update data in the database if changes are made from the query.

It's very similar to making changes to the data directly in a table.

Hahah, it would be easier to just keep importing Excel spreadsheets, which is what I wanted to avoid in the first place.I have to remember to celebrate my accomplishments and now I can create relationships in SQL Server.It’s crazy how you can see something and think: Yes, I want to create that!Queries Sometimes you Can Update and Sometimes you Can't A few years back a city slicker on his way to Bangor, Maine became hopelessly lost.He finally found a crusty old Yankee and asked him the best way to get to Bangor. " "I can't talk to you", said the old man, "If you didn't go over a bridge then you're not here yet." So, what does this have to do with Access databases?

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