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Neither does it mention the word “rape,” but you wouldn’t know that from the news reports.

Searching Assange’s surname alongside the word “rape” on Google yields nearly 10 million results.

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If Ardin was upset by the previous night’s (and that morning’s—woof-woof, Julian! Appearing reasonably untraumatized, Ardin can be seen sitting stage right at about of this video.She sat comfy-cozy and perky in the front row for his oration’s duration, reportedly snapping photographs of Assange and at one odd point appearing to pose for a snapshot herself.She waited for Assange outside the seminar and managed to get herself invited to lunch with him and three other males.But Assange cut the night short so he could attend a Swedish crayfish party back at Anna Ardin’s flat. That night, while hosting a party in Assange’s honor at her apartment, the already “raped” Anna Ardin Tweeted about how she was hobnobbing with “the world’s coolest smartest people, it’s amazing!” (After going to police on the 20th, she deleted these Tweets.) At some point during the crayfish hootenanny, Assange apparently stepped aside to phone Wilen at her home in Enköping, about 50 miles west of Stockholm. Wilen says she tried calling him on the 15th but his phone was turned off.

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