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Traditional concerns about when to have sex and with whom aren’t completely absent from campus but are treated as curious and unnecessary constraints on a good time.

Leeroy, who’s about to start his third year at Manchester University, says a relaxed attitude towards sex is standard, and he’s slept with six women and kissed another “40 or 50” since starting university.

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“She was not my type at all but I just went along with it and pretended I was into One Direction and was a Christian. After all, he says, “it’s not like she asked me out again either” – and the pair still chat whenever they see each other around campus.

Serious relationships are unusual at university, but they’re not unheard of.

Recent York University graduate, 22-year-old Jo Barrow, had two serious relationships throughout her thre-year degree.

There’s been unending scandals in K-pop this year along it’s quite disheartening, seeing happy and supportive moments like this helps wash away the darker news for something cheerful and positive.

Just when you think you’ve learnt the laws of dating, they go and change every last rule in the book.

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