Greek dating toronto dating a quebecois girl

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It's important to note that winking at someone is probably used more often in Greece and is often a simply friendly gesture.

Affection and anger belong to the Greek public domain, but situations of anger are not very common.

They are for the most part loud and peaceful but some political rallies especially can be violent.

In Greece, employers value an individual for his/her good appearance. Employees should be fashionable, yet formally dressed.

Often times, raising ones voice is common and should not be taken too seriously, as violence rarely erupts.

Going to a work meeting with Greeks means that disagreements may arise and it may be vivid, but not violent.

I do not think that there is an acceptable distance that separates two people when talking to each other; you have to set your own distance between you and the other person. Make eye contact; it is a sign of personal empowerment, but also a sign of seeking communication contact with other people.

As long as the tone of the voice has a “friendly” colour, there are no instructions for how to tone your voice and how direct your speech can be.

Self-presentation is important in order to gain your employers attention and the attention of the customers of the company you are working for.

Do not forget that you represent the company of your employer.

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