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Only one other person was encountered: a scowling, leathery old man rattling towards civilization in a battered pickup.Mauna Loa is 13,677 feet, but on the day of our visit, thick fog obscured all views. If so, it certainly wasn't paved with good intentions.

The child's Polish-Swedish mother, Ursulaa, was an English translator.

"The nail pounding and hands-on training were more beneficial than what I learned in school, a valuable asset."That same year, 1964, Dietrich Varez met Linda Denneberg, a San Luis Obispo, California, surfer who ha come to Honolulu to compete in a 1959 Makaha meet and, like so many before, decided to stay and make Hawaii home. They went on a neighbor island vacation, first to Maui, then on to the Big Island, spending their time at the Kilauea National Park staying at the Namakani Cabins.

She went to work designing black coral jewelry for the then new Maui Divers. Here is a pig for you, O goddess of the burning stones. "We thought it was nice, but too expensive to own a place," Linda says. Westervelt recently had published "Hawaiian Legends of Volcanoes," which began with "The Legend of the Forest Eater:""Ai-la'au was the god of the insatiable appetite, the continual eater of trees, whose path was through forests, was covered with black smoke of burning wood and sometimes burdened with the smell of human flesh charred into cinders in the lava flow.

Consisting of a market and a gas pump, it's the first of three left turns drawn on the "Treasure Map" provided by Varez.

Kilauea volcano was represented by a hole burned through the parchment paper. Rusting car skeletons appeared as "automotive accessories" on the diagram.

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