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We transitioned at the same time, and both of us are pretty visible as transgender people in industry.Before we transitioned, getting interviews -- and doing very well in them -- was easy.Telling people "Words only have power if you give them power" is blame-shifting in the same way programs that teach women to avoid getting raped do.They both move the burden of guilt to the innocent.It implies that it's your own fault if you are victimized or suffer emotionally.Living as a transgender person in London is different from California is a different from Ohio is different from the Deep South.Support, and love, needs to be tangible to resist tangible hate.Beyond this, telling the victims that it is their fault if they can't fight off the omnipresent messages of hate and loathing is victim-blaming.

Men who do find us attractive are often acting on a fetish rather than interest in us as individuals.

Since we have transitioned, the job-seeking process has become much harder.

I have put out dozens of resumes for jobs I am qualified for, gotten one interview, and no offers.

Transgender people working in career fields that are traditionally LGB-friendly have a far different experience than those working in industries that are not friendly to women or the LGB community.

In those industries, if you want to keep your job, you try to blend in -- especially when finding a new job can be next to impossible.

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