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So using the next year to improve other areas should be the goal.

If you can clean up much of the other negative reporting you could find yourself in a position to get a new home loan approved (if you enter the market that soon) with in 2 years from now.

Current Score: 540 Goal Score: 650 Let me know if you would like any further information. I figure there is no better time than now to at least get a game plan and start making steps in the right direction. You can have better results going about your own credit repair, than by hiring someone. First thing I want to address is the patience part.

The number one ingredient you will need is patience, sprinkle in the resources to resolve old unpaid bills in collections (when it makes sense to do so), and a dash of know how – and you are on your way to recovering your credit score. There are going to be different circumstances for each person trying to repair their credit.

Dealing with those alone will not improve the credit score overall because of the other things that are weighing him down.

Auto loans that go unpaid, and cars being repossessed, result in the cars getting auctioned.

That foreclosure will have less of an impact starting next summer.

There is not much you can do about that at this point.

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We currently have everything that requires financing in my name...Are there any additional negatives on his credit report (besides the original reporting by the finance companies)?When you default on many student loans, you limit your options to consolidate them into more affordable monthly payments, or to qualify for income based repayment plans.The unpaid debts from repossessions are also bundled up and sold off to debt buyers.At this stage (after 3 years), you probably will see the auto loan default and charge off, but could see other negative credit reporting from a debt collector or debt buyer.

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