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And she has lucrative deals with Rolex, Adidas and Peugeot distributor Verano Motors.

Assuming her success continues, she stands every chance of becoming the highest-paid female sportswoman in history - with potential career earnings of up to £100 million.

'She's a breath of fresh air, a delight.' Her manager, Dan Holzmann, inevitably concurs.

He waxes lyrical about Ana's intelligence (she is studying for a finance degree by correspondence, and her idea of fun is to read Freudian psychology) and her wholesome, unaffected, girl-next-door charm.

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The spacious, red-tiled corner house they shared until she was 15 years old stands in one of the better districts of Belgrade, away from the ubiquitous, grey, Cold War-era tower blocks.No interview is complete without her childhood memories of how training sessions had to be timed to avoid the terrifying air raids, when the family would huddle in the cellar for safety.Once, a shell shattered a nearby building as she visited her grandmother's home.Even by the standards of women's tennis - which has become a magnet for sharp-eyed businessmen scouting for talent and sex appeal - this is quite some success story.Intriguingly, however, as I discovered in Belgrade last week, it transpires that there is rather more to the story than Mr Holzmann reveals.

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