Pros and cons of online dating essay

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With the online dating services, there is no pressure as you go out with only those you appreciate and would want to know better.

Plenty of fields will be optional, and all of the sites are a little different when it comes to what they ask, how they ask, and what you’re required to answer.One in five singles have dated someone who they met on a dating website.Moreover, many of these sites are completely free, and the ones that charge fees usually keep their rates at reasonable levels.There is no need to travel or need for an alibi that is typically required if a person is involved in a typical affair. Online dating also distract teens from dealing with problems that may exist in real world relationships because time and energy that could be spent fixing the relationship is spent enjoying these online relationships . Online dating leads to danger Safety for teens especially female, becomes a key concern online as profiles are easy to create from anywhere at any time. Lack of social skills among people – teens tend to stay in the confines of their homes to socialize with online friends or dates. OD may lead to health issues – There are health issues like carpal tunnel, eyestrain and loss of sleep. With the advent of technology, people are more exposed to information online and even online dating is now popular with teens. WE should think about the safety issues which is the number one risk when you go online for a date.This may be used by professionals in a dangerous way like to duplicate your identity to find out about your family, where you live, where your parents work, etc. Emotional stress and psychological stress can also build up since you do not know much about your online partners compared to traditional dating wherein you see their personalities face-to-face. Online dating will not help you in your lovelife 1. Moreover, how do you trust someone you have not met?

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