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The problem is if I have sex in the woods and don’t manage to get a shower afterward, I almost inevitably end up with cystitis—“feminine wipes” just don’t seem to work. Humans have been successfully sexing it up outdoors since before we were humans, so this is a great one to talk to your doctor about.In the meantime, switch out scented wipes for a plain wet washcloth, drink lots of water, make sure everyone washes their hands, and—since different positions can spread bacteria differently—try to treat this limitation as a challenge: What are some new and different ways you can hook up? After three dates, you can break it off with anyone for any reason you like. Once you backpack with a quilt, you’ll never go back. Is it appropriate to break it off with a woman after three dates because she doesn’t like dogs? We get a lot of very serious relationship questions, but just as often we hear from readers with simpler dilemmas. I’m also partial to trying things, like surfing, that neither of us have done before; there’s no pressure, and there’s nothing quite like falling down together to get you laughing. Sew on a DIY footbox with fleece if your toes slip out and get cold. Inner-tube float trips down the Oconto River, surprise dog-friendly campouts, slacklining over a snowbank, and riding horses double-bareback.

I’m a woman with a vulva, I love multiday hikes far away from modern plumbing, and I am sometimes lucky enough to hike with someone who also wants to have sex with me.

Take your cues from polyamory and try to cultivate compersion, which is basically taking joy in your beloved’s joy. He’s enjoying himself and building social skills and probably getting petted very nicely.

There’s still no question, of course, that you’re his person.

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