Window clients time is not updating in active directory domain

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If one or more of your projects uses Git for version control, users in those projects will also have to configure Git on their computers to recognize and use the client certificate.

For information about how to request a client certificate from a specific CA, see the documentation for that certification authority.

By following the procedures in this topic, you will accomplish the following tasks: Before you configure TFS to use HTTPS with SSL, you must obtain and install a server certificate for the servers in your deployment.

To obtain a server certificate, you must install and configure your own certification authority, or you must use a certification authority from an external organization that you trust (third-party certificates).

In addition, users whose computers are configured for HTTP only can still connect to your deployment.

Although you should not deploy this configuration over public networks, you can gain the following advantages by continuing to support HTTP connections in a controlled network environment: The procedures in this topic describe one process for requesting, issuing, and assigning certificates that are required for SSL connections in TFS.

To configure Team Foundation Build for SSL connections, you must configure the build service to use the HTTPS URL that you configured for the application tier and the collection that the build configuration supports.

You must configure this URL for each build configuration in your deployment.

To support external connections to your TFS deployment, you must also enable Basic authentication, Digest authentication, or both in Internet Information Services (IIS).By default, projects that use Git for version control will fail to validate the SSL certificate you have configured for TFS.This is because unlike TFS and Visual Studio, Git does not recognize the Windows certificate store.¹ Clients and servers are called out separately here, but that’s just a convention of this document.Any computer running the deployment agent needs the certificate installed.

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